Fitness on demand

If you’re a HR Director or Business Leader passionate about fostering employee health and well-being, you’ll want to hear more about our new cutting-edge Fitness On Demand FLEX App, revolutionising workplace wellness. 

Technical Display is the exclusive UK provider of FLEX by Fitness On Demand. This class-leading app offers exceptional fitness and well-being content to your employees anytime, anywhere. With 24/7 access, your team members can enjoy hundreds of premium virtual fitness classes at their fingertips, and they are available for as little as £1 per week per person.


Classes and wellbeing content anytime, anywhere.

Fitness on demand


 Innovation and motivational content that is highly personalised.


Global fitness brands are available at the click of a button.

Why is Employee Wellbeing Important?

Employee wellbeing and resilience are rising up the strategic agenda. The cost to businesses of poor employee mental health has risen to a record £53-56 billion.

A work benefit that actually works!

The good news is that employers who invest in staff wellbeing can see an average return of £5.30 for every £1 invested. The cost of the FLEX App starts at just £1 per week per employee, making it an employee perk with consideration.


Virtual Fitness on-the-go

The FLEX App is highly personalised to each employee.

The FLEX app, developed by Fitness On Demand and provided by Technical Display Ltd, stands out for its tailored content and adaptability. It offers users a wide array of over 1,200 online workouts and expert insights on mindfulness, wellness, and nutrition. The app’s extensive customisation features a unique and immersive wellness journey personalised to fit each individual’s lifestyle, which is easily accessible at their fingertips.

Actively Fosters Employee Engagement and Connectivity

From marking milestones to creating friendly challenges within your company and sending timely push notifications, the app actively fosters employee engagement and connectivity. Additionally, businesses can personalise the app with their own branding elements, such as logos, images, and colour schemes, reflecting their distinct brand identity.

A Seamless Experience For Your Organisation

Managed by Technical Display Systems, the app guarantees a seamless and trouble-free user experience, enhancing its value as a comprehensive wellness solution.


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Elevate employee wellbeing

Empower personal fitness and wellness aspirations

Boost employee contentment

Enhance retention rates


Enhance employee perks

Provide engaging and individual educational content

Deliver wellness programs and monitoring

Create enjoyable company-initiated challenges


Provide immediate access to over 1,200 fitness and mindfulness classes

Offer live-streaming alternatives

Deliver enhanced value to employees

Become the preferred employer in the industry


For your organisation

Keep the people in your organisation healthy and happy!

Enhancing the health and wellbeing of your workforce is becoming commonplace within businesses and organisations. Routine exercise is linked to a decreased risk of several chronic conditions. It is also a proven means of improving mental health and stress reduction, leading to increased workplace productivity and job contentment. Workplace exercise can foster stronger bonds among colleagues, creating a more supportive and affirmative work environment.

Something for every employee – regardless of age or fitness level

The FLEX App content ranges from quick activities that your employees can complete during a break at their desks to high-intensity workouts they can complete anytime. There is meditation, yoga, strength workouts, joint, stress, and pain relief, which means there is something for every employee.

Technical Display can completely manage the system for you or train your team to show them the ropes.

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