Audio Visual in a myriad of spaces

Technical Display Systems specialise in bringing cutting-edge audio-visual technology to a myriad of spaces across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Our expertise extends to a vast array of equipment, including vibrant LED displays, state-of-the-art video conferencing systems, comprehensive mass communication public announcement systems, and intelligent LED lighting solutions.

Our clients hail from diverse industry sectors, each with unique audio-visual aspirations. They all share a common trust in Technical Display Systems Ltd to meticulously source, deliver, and implement their AV projects. Whether you’re looking to enhance communication, elevate experiences or engage audiences, we are committed to realising your vision with unparalleled excellence.

The Different Types of Enviroments

Churches and Listed Property

Technical Display Systems Ltd enhances the spiritual and communal experience in churches and listed properties by installing audio-visual equipment that respects their historical and architectural significance. We provide sound systems that deliver clear acoustics for sermons and choirs and visual solutions that support worship without detracting from the building’s character.


Our services facilitate seamless communication and collaboration in the corporate world. We install advanced conference room AV systems, digital signage for corporate messaging, and interactive solutions for training and presentations, ensuring that businesses operate with cutting-edge technology.

We meticulously source, deliver, and implement these bespoke AV projects


We create dynamic learning environments for educational institutions with interactive touch screen displays, projectors, and sound systems that engage students and enhance academic outcomes. Our AV solutions are designed to support teachers and stimulate student interaction in the classroom.

Hotel and Leisure

Hotels and leisure facilities benefit from our bespoke AV installations that cater to entertainment, events and much more. From high-quality sound systems for banquet halls to intuitive control systems for guest rooms, Video conferencing for meeting rooms to 4K digital signage in the reception, AV plays a big part in making your facility stand out from the rest.

Including vibrant LED displays, state-of-the-art video conferencing systems and intelligent LED lighting solutions

Gyms, Sports Grounds & Spas

We install robust audio systems for gyms, sports grounds, and spas that energise workout environments and serene visual displays that enhance relaxation areas. Our AV installations are tailored to create the perfect atmosphere for fitness and wellness, utilising the latest innovations and technologies to help retain and attract new members.

Council and Local Government

We support councils and local governments by providing reliable AV equipment for council chambers, public buildings, museums and community centres. Our installations help facilitate transparent communication and public engagement in local governance.


NHS and Healthcare

In NHS and healthcare settings, our AV solutions aid patient communication with information displays in waiting areas and public address systems. They also support medical training with educational AV tools and our CSkills System, contributing to improved patient care and staff development.

Whether your goal is to improve communication, enhance customer experience, or captivate audiences, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life with exceptional excellence

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