Access Control

Access Control

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We believe our versatile systems will be crucial for future-thinking organisations looking to adapt to the new working practices.

The ProtecKam system provides a way to temperature check every individual entering your work environment accurately.

Smart facial recognition allows people to check in and check out without the need for ID badges, manual registration or fingerprint scanning.

An accurate body temperature measurement is acquired while identifying the person’s name. The system processes the result and issues an alarm if it detects a temperature above 37.3 degrees.

ProtecKam provides a more efficient and safer way of managing people entering and exiting organisations to protecting those around you.

  • Based on face recognition technology, non-contact access control and attendance, to reduce the risk of spreading a virus.
  • It can identify everyone in a crowd of up to 30 people ‘within a second’, even if they are wearing masks
  • Is accurate to ±0.2°C. 
  • Variety of mounting systems available, including barrier control, desk, pole and wall-mounted
  • Can be used as an access control system when used in conjunction with electronic barriers, gates and fob systems, or as a standalone unit with a simple alarm device when a temperature level has been exceeded.
  • Can be integrated with other access control methods such as ID Card reader, QR scanner etc.

Professional Support:

Technical Display’s technical staff are ready to provide end-to-end technical support and advice for your projects, and they’ll answer any questions that you have. Whether you’re looking for product recommendations or seeking advice and guidance about installing your LED lights.

We also provide a full design, installation and after sales support service, supported by detailed schematic drawings, and safety literature.

We don’t just sell you a product in a box, we specialise in bespoke lighting – made to fit your home or business! We work closely with you to create a bespoke solution to exactly match your requirements, or alternatively we can design a system for you utilising our experience and knowledge.

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